Ready to start homeschooling? Not sure what to teach or how?

On this page soon you’ll find everything you need to begin setting up your own homeschool plan for your little ones!

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From teaching phonics, recognizing letters and word in the real world, and putting together those first few sounds to make real words, teaching your kids to read is one of the most exciting parts about homeschooling! Here you’ll find resources, tips, and more to help you teach your child to read.

Math starts with numbers and number sense. Begin by teaching your child about counting and recognizing numbers and you’ll be off to a great start! There are so many ways to play with numbers and build that foundation that will pay off big as your child’s skills grow. Here you’ll find resources, tips, and advice to teach your PK1 Kid Math.

Little hands aren’t quite ready to begin seriously writing, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t fun things you can do now to get them ready! Writing starts with fine motor skill building and recognizing marks that your child makes as relatable ideas. Here you’ll find resources, tips, and advice to help you build your child’s interest – and stamina – in writing.

Art is a vital part of a young one’s school experience and education! Don’t be tempted to leave this out of your homeschool plan – kids benefit wildly by art being a foundational part of their early school efforts. Here are some tips, resources, and ideas to help you easily incorporate art into early learning.

Music strengthens a child’s auditory connection to information. Teaching sounds and rhythms can benefit your child greatly as they develop. Here are some resources, tips, and ideas to add music to your PK1Kids’ homeschool.

Young children learn the most through play. Sometimes it’s hard for us to get into play mode with our little ones (especially as the demands of home life increase!) Here are some resources, tips and ideas to help you incorporate purposeful play into your homeschool.