Free printable math flash cards to teach kids their addition facts for sums to 10. Cute characters coordinate with optional video lessons and worksheets.

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FREE Printable Math Flash Cards For Addition Facts Sums To 10

Are you ready for another great freebie? Hot of the presses, here’s my complete set of flash cards to go along with the video lessons and worksheets I’ve made for learning math facts sums to 10!

I really want my daughter to know her math facts so well that she never has to think about them. Remember when I wrote about Putting The Heart Back Into Homeschooling? I mentioned this as one of my goals that I realized I had been neglecting. I’ve been so focused on getting my first grader grounded in reading that I’ve just been just letting her go through her Horizons math workbook and not paying much attention to it. Eek! My mommy guilt was getting to me, so I decided to do something about it.

I made my whole series of math videos & worksheets awhile ago, but it became evident that we needed to do some major study work. These flash cards have the characters from the movies and worksheets to help your child memorize the facts. I made a point of not explaining the associations, hoping that by making that connection on her own my child would increase her retention of the math facts.

Flash cards are great because they can be used in so many ways. I’m lucky that my daughter likes to quiz herself, but we can play lots of games with these cards too! Here are some ideas:

  • Fishing game. Use a string attached to clothespin to “fish” behind a sheet draped over a table or chair. Your child solves the math fact on the card they catch.
  • Math facts treasure hunt. Hide the cards around the house and have your child find them, solving the math facts as they go.
  • Kleenex box draw. Toss some cards into an empty kleenex box and have your child pull one out at a time, solving them as they go. Sometimes simply changing it up like this can help a more fidgety learner.
  • Simple matching. Place some cards with the problem side facing up and place others with the answers facing up so that each problem card has a matching answer. Have your child make the matches.
  • Play “Go Fish.” Use the double sided printing version but print the answers on separate sheets from the problem cards. Then use the cards with the classic Go Fish rules, only make the matches by pairing the math fact to the answer.

You can read about even more fun flash card games in this post: 12 Fun Games With Flash Cards


I hope you enjoy these flash cards! You can print on cardstock and/or laminate them so that they last a long time.

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free printable math flash cards for kids addition facts

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