HOMER Reading is more than just another kid’s education app to justify screen time. I’m excited to show you how you can really teach your child to read with HOMER Reading!


Will The HOMER Reading App Really Help Your Child Learn To Read?

So many families have been asking me for help as they’ve suddenly found themselves homeschooling or distance learning. Reading and learning phonics is a hot topic for these families – and most parents! If you’re looking for a non-stressful, child-led way for your kids to learn phonics and reading, I can’t wait to show you all we love about HOMER Reading!

Disclosure: I was compensated for an honest review of the HOMER Reading app and not required to post a positive review. 

The HOMER Reading app is self directed and personalized – this means less planning for you and more independent learning for your kids. Your kids can play and have fun using the app while learning in a safe environment. But it’s more than just educational screen time – you can use HOMER Reading as a complete phonics and reading curriculum with their variety of activities and printable worksheets and crafts.

The Pathway

Learn the letter sounds, then read letter groups, and finally read your own books!

What Is The HOMER Reading App?

HOMER Reading is an early learning program for kids ages 2 through 6+ that will introduce phonics and support your child’s journey as they learn how to read. HOMER Reading uses topic based stories so your child can read mini books in subject that they really like – animals, sports, space, trucks, etc. A personalized learning pathway tracks progress as your child moves through a lesson series designed just for them. There are also other activities, books, and games they can play along the way.

Click here to get a free 30 day trial of HOMER Reading.

What’s Included In The HOMER Reading App?

  • Art – Kids can draw pictures either on their own or draw something that relates to a book or lesson.
  • Songs & Rhymes – Fun songs to sing along with
  • Learn To Read – Interactive reading lessons customized for your kids
  • Discover The World – Non-Fiction books about a variety of subjects that allow your kids to discover the world!
  • My Pathway – Your child’s personalized learning pathway that includes all the other activities
  • StoryTime – A variety of stories with Read To Me or Read By Myself options
  • First Readers – Sets of stories for your budding reader!
  • Brain Games – Tons of games and puzzles for your kids to play and learn with.
  • Printable Worksheets & Crafts – A set of printable worksheets and activities for each level and discovery subject including crafts!
  • Printable Certificates – If your kids love certificates you can print them out for every lesson they complete.
  • Coloring Pages – some extra coloring fun for all ages!

Will I Need Another Phonics Or Reading Curriculum?

As a budget minded homeschool mom, this is an important question. The answer depends on how your child responds to learning on screens and their screen time tolerance, as well as if you want to step in an include some hands on worksheets and crafts. Both my 5 year old and 2 year old (believe it or not!) really loved using this app and it was the cutest thing to hear my toddler repeating the letter sounds he was learning!

My advice is to use HOMER Reading before school age to introduce the alphabet and the sounds each letter makes. If you have a struggling reader or notice their are some gaps in your child’s reading ability and sight word knowledge, consider using HOMER Reading exclusively for awhile (check out their free trial) and see if you notice an improvement. If your child responds well to it, I say stick with HOMER Reading and ride that train as long as possible!

The HOMER Reading Pathway includes 22 levels. Each level has a series of lessons within the app, printables that go with it, key terms studied, and a certificate you can award them when they’ve completed it all. There are also many Discover The World topics that also have crafts and activities to go with them. All this means that you can create an exclusive reading curriculum with the HOMER Reading app and the materials they provide.

To do this, I suggest combining around 15 minutes of the learning pathway, some lesson printabes, a craft, and one-on-one reading time with a parent. Do that every day and your child will definitely learn to read – and have a bunch of fun along the way!

Don’t forget to print some fun certificates to celebrate your progress. You could also use some sticker charts or incentives to celebrate your child’s progress! Try my gumball reading challenge printable, sticker bookmarks, or my summer reading challenge printables!

A printable pack for every level! Activities & Crafts too!

So many fun activities to explore off screen – My daughter and I had fun making these bookmarks.

My kids are suckers for certificates!

What We Love Most About The HOMER Reading Program

👉 Keeps their focus

Both my 5 year old and my 2 year old love using the app. My 5 year old – who, to be fair, is turning 6 soon – loved that she could switch between the learning pathway and the games whenever she wanted to.

👉 You know I love printables & crafts!

Ok, yes, this is an online program and app, but once I found printable worksheets, activities, and crafts, this nerdy momma went nuts! I mean, the HOMER Reading app is awesome enough on its own, but if I can pair screen time with craft time..??? That’s a major win in my book!

👉 Encourages kids to make sounds, hear themselves read

One of the best features of the HOMER Reading app design is that it often demonstrates how to make the sounds of each letter as well as encourages kids to record themselves reading words and stories and hearing themselves as they play it back. This is such great reinforcement as kids are learning to read.

👉 Works on all devices

One of my personal pet peeves is when an app can’t be played on certain platforms. HOMER Reading is available on Apple appstore, Android, Amazon appstore, and desktop!

Some other fun finds:

    • Stories with characters my kids know, like Angelina Ballerina, and Thomas the Train
    • Categorized Book lists to purchase or request from your local library
    • Bridge into a preschool curriculum with Discover The World sections & printables
    • Even more fun (and free!) printables can be found on the blog section of the HOMER website

Love hearing my 2 year old repeat the letter sounds in the activities.

My 2 year old loved the crafts, too!

Is HOMER Reading Worth The Cost?

Now that you know how great HOMER Reading is, you can see the value of this program. And, you can try it for FREE for 30 days! You’ll also unlock an annual plan for just $45. When you consider that you can add up to 4 kids on your subscription, that takes the cost down to just over $11 per kid per year. Say, what?!? So in a nutshell, YES, it’s definitely worth the cost!

And if you compare HOMER Reading to other reading and phonics programs you can save hundreds of dollars.  This makes HOMER Reading a very budget friendly place to start for a reading curriculum that will help you teach your child to read!

If you’re interested in HOMER Reading, click here to check out their free trial and annual subscription offer.

I hope this review has blessed you or a friend or family member in some way!