Our DIY Homeschool Summer School Program

Here’s what we’re doing this year for our homeschool summer school program!


Here's what we're doing for our DIY homeschool Summer school this year!

Our DIY Homeschool Summer School For Homeschooling Year Round

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Why We Homeschool Year Round

This is my seventh year of homeschooling my kids, and if I’ve learned one big lessons it’s that my kids do NOT do well with the traditional months long break of doing nothing over the summer. My kids turn into tiny hooligans, aimless, wreckless, and.. the fighting. Oh, the fighting!! After a few years of trying things the “normal” way and having no structure over the summers, this momma finally said a big huge NOPE!

Using a DIY Homeschool Summer School Program For More FUN!

While I do ABSOLUTELY LOVE giving the kids some structure over the summer, I do want it to be different than the usual school routine. That’s why we use our summer school as a way to do the super fun subjects that we never really get to do. I also only schedule half the day because I really do believe in letting kids get a little bored and exploring their own creativity and making their own plans.

Some good subjects for your summer school? Try these:

  • Music
  • Drawing
  • Foreign Language
  • All things STEM
  • Special subjects your child is interested in (bird watching, coding, space program, etc.)
  • Arts & Crafts (really, I don’t think you can over-do arts and crafts for your summer school! Get messy!)

Summer School In Your Year Round Homeschool – For The Win!

I used a schedule board from the dollar store and time and subject strips I created in PowerPoint to set up my schedule where everyone could see it. Then I added reminders on Alexa and she announces the start of each new subject. This helps us stay accountable, but there’s plenty of wiggle room for us to change things up if we need to. And some days we throw it all out completely because something else is going on. It’s all about flexibility and making your schedule work FOR YOU, not the other way around.

Here are some snapshots of my summer school setup:

homeschool summer school

I labeled heavy duty refrigerator magnet clips with my kids names and hung them on the fridge for their math workbooks. These clips are from the dollar store.

homeschool summer school

I made these strips in PowerPoint then cut and inserted them into a schedule holder from the dollar store.

homeschool summer school

This is our “Sharing Board.” The kids clip work their proud of to this clipboard and they share it with Daddy during dinner.

homeschool summer school

This is a board I made when I first started homeschooling. Now I like to decorate it every few months because I’m nerdy like that!

homeschool summerschool

I labeled and organized everything so we could just grab and go when it’s time for each subject.

homeschool summer school

I’ve always wanted my kids to learn instruments, and this is the year!

homeschool summer school

We are loving our DIY arts and crafts time!

I hope you’re inspired for some summer school fun! Hop on over to my Facebook group and share what you’re up to! https://www.facebook.com/groups/pk1homeschoolfun

Looking for more summer school inspiration?

Fun Amazon Finds For Your Homeschool Summer School:

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