Would you like to encourage your child to read more books? Here’s a free reading log with sticker bookmarks to get your child excited about reaching their reading goals!

reading log & bookmarks

This year we set a goal for my daughter to read 100 books. It was a big goal but totally achievable. She only has 4 more books to read and then she’ll hit that big 100 mark. She is SO excited about it!

Her reward is her very own library card and it makes me so happy to see her enthusiasm.

As a first grader, I didn’t want to put too much stress on her reading curriculum-wise. So the 100 book challenge has been a perfect fit for us. We just head to the library, check out as many books as we can and then I have her read one book every day. I make sure we check out a couple longer books and a couple easy Level 1s to boost her confidence.

One of my main homeschooling goals is to instill a love for reading. If my kids love to read, then there’s no stopping them from learning anything and everything they want to. Our success with this reading log is a glimmer of hope that we’re on that path.

You can set your own goals with your child – it can be 15 books, or 100 – whatever you feel is most appropriate for them. My 1st grader LOVES stickers, so the reading log and bookmark have spots for stickers your child can earn for each book.

1st Grade Reading Log

There is also one bookmark without numbers on it if you don’t want to keep count.

First Grade Reading Program

Try getting a special folder or binder just for the reading log to make it more exciting. I send my daughter with a book, pencil and her reading log to a special place in the house for her reading time and she knows what to do from there.

Enjoy this printable! Have you ever used a reading log with your child? Did you use this one? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Reading Log

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