Spanish Numbers and Colors Game For Kids


I’m always wondering about the very best way to teach little ones information that would naturally seem foreign to them. My kids learn a lot of Spanish just from watching fun cartoons, so do they really need another worksheet or formal Spanish lessons? For PK1 kids, I prefer to let them learn through play, and that’s exactly what this free printable is designed to do.

This free printable Spanish game is designed to reinforce the Spanish numbers 1 through 6, introduce some Spanish colors, and expose the idea of adjectives coming after nouns. If your child knows any Spanish at all, chances are they can count to ten. But can they read those numbers? Do they pronounce them correctly? Using the dice in this game causes them to really think about the words that represent the numbers in Spanish, which should really lock in those Spanish numbers for confident use later on.


Learn numbers and colors in Spanish. Perfect for beginning Spanish learners, preschool, kindergarten & first grade Spanish games.



Spanish Game For Kids To Learn Numbers And Colors

Números y Colores en Español


In this game, players take turns rolling the dice, advancing their playing pieces, and collecting color square pieces. Whenever anyone collects color squares, whoever has the most squares of that color gets to wear the coordinating accessory. There is a yellow crown, a blue watch, green glasses, and a red ring. Your little ones will have a blast “stealing” the accessories as they collect their color squares. They’ll have so much fun, they might not even realize that they’re learning Spanish!

I recommend printing everything out on cardstock and laminating at least the game board for years of use.

Please let me know what you thought of the game and if you notice any changes I should make!!


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