Print these free printable sight word word searches for some easy and fun sight word work your early readers will love!


word searches for kids to practice sight words

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Free Printable Sight Words Word Searches

Word searches are a great way for kids to practice their sight words. After your kids have learned their consonants, mastered their short vowel sounds, and become proficient in CVC words, learning sight words can open up a whole new world of reading for them. Print out these free word searches and your Kindergartener or 1st grader will have a fun and simple way to practice their sight words.

I love to create educational free printables that are unique. For these word searches, the sight words are listed in bubbles. Early readers can use dot markers, stickers, stamps, crayons and markers to “check off” each word they find in the word search.

These word searches are very easy to do which builds confidence for your early readers. Kids around ages 5 to 7 will find these short and simple word searches a comfortable way to practice their sight words. Adding stickers, stamps, and dot markers can take these from busy work to FUN work!

Why Word Searches Are Great For Learning Sight Words

Kids learn sight words and spelling through manipulation. Any activity that will have your kids deconstructing and reconstructing the letters in their sight words will help them learn much more quickly. Sight words can be easy to learn when your kids are hunting for the letters in a simple word search. Identifying the letters in each sight word and then hunting for them in the correct order within a word search is a great way to build familiarity and spelling skills. Simple spelling games and activities can take these word searches to a whole new level of retention.

Sight Words Word Search Workbook

If you like these free printable sight words word searches, you can buy the entire book of over 40 sight words word searches on Amazon. Having your child complete just one of these short and simple word searches each day will really boost their sight word skills. The workbook includes two levels of word searches – more like these free printables and also some more advanced versions. There are also chunky letter tracing pages for each set of 8 sight words word search. Take a look on Amazon for the whole sight words word search workbook.

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Word Searches To Help Kids With Their Sight Words

There are so many great ways to help kids with their sight words. For example, try word scrambles with letter flashcards or scrabble tiles, labeling objects all over the house with sticky notes and their sight words – whatever creative ideas you can come up with! Word searches like these for sight words are super helpful, especially if you can make them lots more fun. Puffy stickers! Fingerprint stamps! Cheerios! Candy! Make it as fun as you can and learning sight words will be oh so fun 

Free Word Searches For Kids’ First Sight Words

The first sight words kids need to learn will help them read their first books. What an amazing feeling it is for kids to be able to recognize sight words and combine them with CVC words they can already read. Sight words can sometimes be really frustrating for kids because they don’t follow the spelling rules that they’ve learned already. But using word searches like these free printable ones or the my Sight Word Word Searches workbook on Amazon can help kids tremendously. There’s just nothing quite like teaching your child to read. Make it easy and fun for both of you with sight word word searches!

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sight word word searches

Color in the circles as you find each of the 8 sight words on your word search.

free word searches to print for sight word practice

Dot markers are perfect for these sight word word searches!

sight word searches free to print

Stickers make everything more fun! Place a sticker on each sight word found on the word search.

word search workbook for sight words

The workbook has tracing pages on the back of each word search.

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sight word word searches

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