5 Fun Things You Can Do Today With Your Kids

Hi friends, are you up for a challenge today?

A message that I always carry in my heart for beginning homeschoolers – or any mom for that matter! – is to always “follow the fun.”

Life is so hard sometimes – there’s always so much work to be done and curveballs come from left and right. As moms get busier and busier over the years sometimes the fun gets plain choked out of us. I have had seasons where the demands for discipline are so great that I find myself correcting constantly. Before long, I realize that everything that has been coming from my mouth has been negative – “You forgot to clean up after lunch,” “That room is not clean, you need to finish,” “Don’t talk that way to your sister!”

With four kids it seems like I’m always, always, correcting.

A little bit of fun is a balm for all souls. In the most trying times a light heart can break through so many barriers. So today I want to challenge you to pop a little fun into your day. Just a little bit here and there can bring some breakthrough in your family’s relationships and experience!

5 Things To Lighten Your Hearts Today

  1. Set a Timer For Hug Time. This literally takes just 5 minutes. Set a timer to go off at some point today that everyone will hear. Let everyone know that when that timer goes off they have to immediately stop what they’re doing no matter what it is and hug everyone!
  2. Speed Cleaning Challenge. Set a timer for how long you think the family can clean up together. Or, use a fun song to race against. Announce a reward (Ice cream, extra recess, art project, game time, whatever your kids love.) When you say “Go!” the whole family cleans as fast as possible together as a race. Laugh, play, and enjoy the reward afterwards.
  3. Lunchtime Jokes. Pick a lunch ingredient to pass to each person when they have a joke to share. If your kids don’t know many jokes, use a prompt such as: “What do you think the three bears really wanted to say when they discovered Goldilocks?” Or, “If you could be called any name you wanted for an entire day, what would it be?” Whoever answers gets the pickles! (Or peanut butter, etc..) Get creative! 🙂
  4. Use a few compliment sandwiches. When you go to correct your kids, add a compliment (silly or serious!) before and after the correction. Examples: “Wow, you got your chores done so quickly today! Could you get those last few clothes into the laundry basket please? I love how organized you’re becoming!” OR go the silly route:
  5. Be a Kid For 20 Minutes. Pick a kid activity to do with your children. Play tag, color in coloring books, do playdough, play dolls – pick something you never do with your kids and surprise them by being one of them for 20 minutes!

Share how the challenge went!

If you try any of these steps, hop on over to this post on Facebook and share how it went! Did adding a little fun to your day help your hearts?

Many blessings!



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