A simple journal to help your kids practice reading and writing analog time, this Analog Clock Journal works great when paired with an analog watch!

A journal to help kids learn to read a clock with hands.

This analog clock journal helps kids write down the time they do each activity. Use with an analog watch or clock.

Free Printable Journal For Reading & Writing Analog Time

I’m a bit embarrassed to say that even my older kids still have trouble reading an analog clock! I promise they learned it in Kindergarten! Sometimes kids just need a little refreshing.

That’s where this free printable analog clock journal really comes in handy. Pair this journal with an analog clock or (even better – ) an analog watch and… it’ll stick!

I found some clocks and watches that work great with this concept on Amazon – those links below.

One note: you can have your kids draw the hands on the analog clocks, then fill in the time with numbers to the right. Have them circle AM or PM for each time.

I hope this free printable journal for analog time blesses your family or a friend!



Journal for telling time read analog clocks

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