Give kids a solid foundation in Bible knowledge with Apologia’s The Word in Motion: Old Testament & The Word in Motion: New Testament homeschool Bible curriculum.

Bible curriculum for homeschool Apologia Word In Motion

Disclosure: I was compensated for my time reviewing this product, but all opinions are honest – I want to help YOU in your choice of homeschool curriculum!

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TL;DR: The Word in Motion from Apologia makes Bible stories relatable to kids as they gain a comprehensive understanding of the entire Bible through engaging illustrations, activities, hand motions, and memorization. Families should take 1 year for the Old Testament and 1 year for the New Testament. A Notebooking Journal for each child is a must, while the family can share the full color textbook. Click here to learn more & purchase.

Bible Curriculum for Homeschool Families

I have a confession: I haven’t actually used a Bible curriculum in my homeschool before this. We love our free flowing morning devotionals, but I admit we haven’t done any formal Bible instruction. Before getting eyes on The Word In Motion books from Apologia, I had never seen a kid-oriented instruction onΒ knowing the Bible.Β We talk about the Bible and discuss Scripture daily, but do my kids really know what’s in the Bible? Could they possibly learn the scope of the entire Old and New Testaments in just 2 years?

After getting the chance to try out Apologia’s The Word in Motion, I’m convinced the answer to those questions is a big “YES!”

Apologia Bible Curriculum Helps Kids Know the Bible

The prospect of teaching my kids the entirety of the Bible is a bit overwhelming to me. I want them to have a solid foundation and understanding of both the Old and New Testaments, but how can I teach them everything? One of the biggest challenges is knowing I’ll have to teach them more than once at different ages.

A major component of Apologia The Word In Motion curriculum is the 40 hand motions the kids learn for each Testament that helps them remember the events of the Bible. This is something your kids can learn once and remember for their entire lives, refreshing each other’s memories routinely. My kids memorize Scripture at lightning speed when they pair it with hand motions, so I already know the motions set them up for success.

And if your family loves to learn through stories, you will love the character sketches and relating discussion questions which help you connect with the events of the Bible in a more experiential way. If you’ve got a heart to go deep into God’s word and genuinely study it in sequence, you’ll love Apologia’s The Word In Motion homeschool Bible curriculum.

A Bible Curriculum For Families

This is a curriculum that’s uniquely tailored to families with kids of all ages. Your younger ones can snuggle with you as you read the text and learn the hand motions alongside their older siblings. Discussion questions are applicable to all your kids and older children may go deeper than the younger ones. You can progress through the lessons more formally with a strict lesson plan, or go through at whatever pace works for your life.

Apologia Bible curriculum is perfect for homeschooling families.

A snuggle friendly approach to learning the Bible


  • Videos: The online video teaching introduces each lesson as well as a hand motion which aids kids in memorizing the events of the Bible.
  • Full color textbook: There is a separate full color textbook for each of the New Testament and Old Testament curriculum.
  • Full Color Notebooking Journal: Each child uses an illustrated Notebooking Journal which includes memory verse pages, discussion questions, and activities.
  • Book Extras: Lesson plans, answer keys, links to videos, and more.

Old Testament Sample Video:

New Testament Sample Video:

Bible curriculum for families that want to learn the entire Bible in 2 years.

Apologia Word In Motion Bible curriculum includes every key component we love in curriculum for kids.

Bible curriculum for families that your kids will love.

We loved that each activity, story, and component all worked together to help my kids really know the Bible for themselves.

So how does this measure up to what we like most in a curriculum for our PK1Kids?

πŸ–οΈ Colorful Materials

We only use full color books in our homeschool to keep us all engaged and interested – Apologia does not dissappoint in this area. Not only are the textbooks and Notebooking Journals colorful, they’re filled with interesting illustrations as well.

🎲 Different Types of Learning

Variety in instruction is important to us, too. By using oral readings, copywork, craft based activities, memorization, and physical movement, these materials kept my kids focused and interested.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦Β Adaptability for multiple ages and levels

Apologia’s The Word in Motion adapts perfectly to a family homeschool setting. Beginning the lesson with a Bible story time together on the couch was a sweet was to start the morning.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ« Ease of teaching.

There is almost no prep required for this curriculum. Spend just a few minutes looking over their lesson plans and decide your own pacing for the various activities. Then, you simply “open and go” each day.

πŸ‘ Hands On Activities

The Notebooking Journal provides plenty of note taking, reflection questions, coloring pages, and supplemental activities to keep your crafty kids happy. This is not a project based curriculum by any means. Instead, it’s a curriculum your kids can use in a variety of ways to really go deep in their understanding of the Word.

πŸ’΅ Price:

If you want to teach the Bible as a core subject, the price point is very comfortable. The textbooks are reusable which helps for subsequent years and kids.

πŸ” Keeps their interest.

With the variety of activities for each lesson you’ll be able to accommodate short attention spans by putting together a flow that works for your family. If your kids have a hard time sitting and listening to text, you can pair this with coloring or even acting out or drawing the stories as you read them.

πŸ•ŠοΈΒ Simplicity:

This is not a simple, cutesy, Bible story themed, activity based curriculum. This is a curriculum that takes the Word seriously with the mission to help kids go deep and thoroughly know the Bible. Considering that big mission and being effective in it, simplicity isn’t really a big goal here. For covering the entire breadth of the Bible in just two years, the simplicity this curriculum does achieve in teaching and learning is certainly commendable. I do appreciate that there’s one textbook and one notebook in addition to the Bible and that’s all you really need (the rest is included as book extras on the website.)

Our favorite things about this curriculum:

Hand Motions! If you ask my kids what they liked most about Apologia’s The Word In Motion, they’ll all answer the same thing – the hand motions! My kids have always been able to memorize things at the speed of light when they use hand motions, so this was a big win in my family.

Notebooking Journals: My kids loved having their own notebooking journals and it was a huge help not having to print and prep worksheets for them each day.

Relevance: One of the biggest features of this curriculum is the way it relates the stories in ways that kids can really understand. Discussion questions often ask students to imagine themselves in the events or meeting the characters and what that would be like.

I hope this review of Aplogia’s The Word in Motion has helped you decide if this curriculum is a good fit for your homeschooling family.

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apologia homeschool bible curriculum
Bible curriculum for homeschool. Apologia Word In Motion

Video lessons from Apologia Word In Motion Bible curriculum.

Apologia Bible Curriculum makes really knowing the Bible attainable for your kids.

Memorizing the motions brings the Bible to life, not to mention makes it easy for kids to memorize the events in the Bible.

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I hope this review has blessed you or a friend or family member in some way!



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