Take your little one on a fun scavenger hunt to look for shapes all around them with this free printable.

shapes search scavenger hunt free printable

Here’s a free Shapes Search scavenger hunt printable for your preschooler.

We all know that learning shapes is one of the first things our preschoolers do in preschool, but there’s something very interesting about helping them find those shapes in the world around them. It can be exciting – and helpful – for your little one to make connections between a 2 dimensional shape drawing and something they see in the 3 dimensional world around them.

Have your preschooler go on a shape scavenger hunt with this free printable

I was a bit surprised by how interested my almost-4-year-old was in searching for shapes and marking them off. (yes, my kid is in jammies, that’s how we roll these summer days)

Here’s a simple, fun, and effective free printable shapes search scavenger hunt for you to help your child start bridging that connection. I designed this so you can cut the page in half if your kiddo isn’t ready for stars and crescents.

I also made a couple different versions so your child can try to find one of each, 4 of each, or tally how many they find.

free shape search printable

For being my most wild and crazy kid yet, my 3 year old loved doing his shape scavenger hunt (this is his 2nd time doing one!)

So head on out for a shapes scavenger hunt with your littlest ones with this new free printable in my freebies library.

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