Here’s a fun way for your preschooler to learn their colors. This Create-Your-Own Preschool Color Chart is a fun art coloring project that serves as a color poster when it’s done!

A preschool color chart your child can color themselves.

Preschool Color Chart Poster Your Child Can Color

A color chart poster is a preschool must-have. Your kiddo can have some fun making their very own chart by coloring this free printable.

I made this in such a way so that little ones can match the color of their crayons or markers to each color block, then color in the item to match. I had a hunch that it would be a good way for toddlers to practice identifying colors. I tried it with my 3 year old boy and it turned out to be just that – a fun matching game that included coloring in the pictures.

free printable color chart for preschool

My son is so sweet when I make printables for him – he loves them! He really liked making his own color poster.

Free Printable Color Chart For Preschool & Kindergarten

If you need a color reference chart for your preschooler or kindergarten kiddo, try this fun color poster they can color themselves. You could also use this as a fun color identification game or activity that you repeat multiple times throughout the year.

There’s also a colored in version if you want a completed chart to hang on the wall, or a reference for your child as they color their own.

I hope your child really loves this free printable color chart for preschool!

color your own color chart for preschool

My son loved matching the colors for each picture and coloring them in on this free printable preschool color chart.

“Learning colors is one of the core parts to any preschool curriculum. Make it easy and fun with this free printable color chart for preschool.”

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preschool color chart

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