This My Place Value Flipbook assembles in minutes and can be used all year to work with place values. A handy addition to Kindergarten and 1st Grade Math curriculum, print this out and have on hand for your students learning place value.


Practice place value with this easy to assemble flipbook.

5 Day Hopscotch: 5 Essential Printables For 1st Grade Math

Day 3: My Place Value Flipbook

The third printable in my 5 Essential Printables For 1st Grade Math is the My Place Value Flipbook.

If you don’t have Base Ten Blocks or another manipulative to work out place value, I think this flip book may really help you. You can even use it with place value blocks if you do have them. It’s very simple to put together and your kiddo can use it for Kindergarten and 1st Grade.

Free printable place value flip book for kindergarten and first grade

I created this to have the numbers coordinate with the graphic place value images so kids can make a faster connection between the two. It seemed to really help my almost-6-year-old, so I’m hoping it will help other kids too!

Free printable flipbook for working with place values.

While my little one was only working with tens and ones, I used a paperclip to clip down the hundreds column. You may want to try this trick if your child isn’t working with hundreds yet.

I hope you enjoy this free printable and that you’ll check out the other free essential math printables for 1st grade from this hopscotch!


This printable is part of a hopscotch series of 5 Essential Printables for 1st Grade Math. Be sure to check out the other days to download all the essential 1st grade math printables I made!

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