Teach all the number bonds to 10 with these free printable addition worksheets for 1st grade. These free math lessons are perfect for preschoolers, kindergarteners and 1st graders learning their beginning math facts and include cartoon lessons, free printable worksheets and matching flash cards.


Flash Cards for Sums To 10 Addition Facts

FREE 1st Grade Math Lessons To Learn Number Bonds To 10

Teach number bonds to 10 to set your child up for success in math!

Learning number bonds can put your child on the fast track to effortlessly adding in their heads. While first introducing the concept of adding, we often teach the manipulative forms – here are three bananas, let’s count three more, now we have six. After a solid understanding of manipulative adding, it’s time to move on to repetition and remembering those number bonds!

No more counting on fingers!

Memorizing number bonds at an early age will boost your child’s confidence when they begin to do higher level math. Imagine your child starting a math curriculum and being able to fly through all those simple math equations because they remember that the 2 and 5 go together to make 7 monsters and they didn’t even have to count on their fingers or use a number line. Learning number bonds to 10 is an extremely valuable and confidence boosting approach to teaching beginning math facts.

Free printable addition worksheets.

If you’re looking for some simple and age appropriate worksheets to teach addition facts up to 10, you will love these free printable worksheets. Filled with fun characters and a variety of activities, this short and effective eWorkbook is perfect for your youngest learners. And best of all, it’s a free download!

Free cartoon videos introduce all the number bonds to 10.

My series of 7 videos free on YouTube introduce your child to all the ways to make each number up to 10. Each video ends with a quiz time so you and your child can measure how well they remembered their facts. Follow the video with practice with the free addition worksheets and matching flash cards and your child will have their number bonds to 10 memorized in no time.

Addition is subtraction.

But what about subtraction? That’s the beauty of learning number bonds to 10. Once your child has mastered their number bonds, it’s a simple logical step to understand subtraction – they simply find the missing number! If they need to figure out 7 – 5, they think of which number bonds with 5 to make 7, and remember it’s 2!

Combine the free number bonds worksheets, cartoon lessons and matching flash cards for hours of number bonds fun!

All free from PK1HomeschoolFUN, watch the free cartoons on YouTube, make the free printable flash cards that match each lesson, and sign up for my newsletter to download the entire eWorkbook.

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free printable math flash cards for kids addition facts

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