Here’s a free short vowel printables pack you can use for a variety of games and reference while teaching your beginning readers the short vowel sounds. Print them out now and see how fast your little ones learn their short vowel sounds!


Free short vowel printables for kids learning their short vowel sounds.

FREE Short Vowel Sounds Printables Pack

Learn short vowel sounds and dive into the adventure of reading!

Short vowel sounds are the beginning springboard to starting to read for young children. Once your child has learned many letter sounds, you can introduce short vowels and watch their confidence soar when they begin to read their very first words.

I remember the excitement from each of my children the day they put their first letter sounds together to read their first words. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of teaching your child to read!

When you’re starting out, it’s all about teaching your child the short vowel sounds. For this, it’s helpful to have some printables on hand to teach the short vowel sounds using pictures of objects that begin with each sound. If you’re looking for some short vowel printables, try these free ones to jump start your reading adventure!

And if you want to find a short vowel song, try showing your child my little video and song to learn the short vowels. I made this when I was first learning how to do animation so it’s a little rough. However, this short vowel song has helped each of my kids learn their short vowel sounds quickly. So go for it and see how your kids like it!

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This Short Vowel Lesson is perfect to help little ones begin reading.

Learning the short vowel sounds is a key step in learning how to read, and this song makes it super fun! After watching this Short Vowel Lesson video a few times, students will have all their short vowel sounds memorized and be ready to start reading CVC words.

The video plays the short vowel song twice, followed by a Practice Time during the second part of the video that will help them quiz themselves to see if they are ready to start reading words with short vowels.

The free printables include posters, game cards, and a tent card/bookmark that can be used for all sorts of games, activities, and reference. Play memory, have short vowel races, and bring some fun to flashcards. The tent card can sit on your child’s desk for reference, or laminate it for an instant bookmark. Your child will love learning their short vowels with this fun Short Vowel Lesson, and they’ll be reading before you know it. Whenever they can’t remember a short vowel sound, they can sing the song and remember the sound.

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Short vowel song with free printables to help kids learn their short vowel sounds.

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Get the updated pack with new artwork and learn my Top 10 tips for teaching the short vowels sounds by clicking below:

Your child’s reading adventure begins with learning the short vowel sounds. Here are 10 tips for teaching the short vowels to your beginning reader that will help you keep the excitement in reading.

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