Here are some different ideas for practicing beginning  equations with your preschooler or kindergartener. Use items you already have at home to get a little creative with your child’s math practice. Dice, shoeboxes, dominoes, shoes – use them all as alternatives to flash cards!


Ideas For Practicing Beginning Math Facts

Children learn differently, so experimenting with activities that use reading, writing, moving, creating, repeating, and even art can help you discover the most effective and enjoyable teaching approaches for your individual kids. And that’s one of the biggest things I love about homeschooling! 🙂

Here are some ideas to help your child practice beginning addition and subtraction equations using things you probably already have around the house:

  • Creating and writing down simple addition equations using dice. Write a sample equation (1+1=2) for your child to reference. Have your child roll the dice using a cup (it’s more fun that way!) then write out the equation on a piece of paper. If they’re working on subtraction, teach them first to order the dice so the biggest number comes first. Use simple worksheets like these to make it easier to write out the equations.
  • Throw oversized dice down the hallway. Your child runs to where they land and says the equation out loud: “3 plus 2 equals 5!” Have them shout the answer or say it in a funny voice. This works great for your wiggliest students that don’t enjoy writing. Expand this to toss each dice in a bowl as a sports challenge, then add the numbers together.
  • Pull two playing cards from an empty kleenex box. This works great because the cards have the numbers written on them which will help with their handwriting. Also, they can count the diamonds, clubs, etc.
  • Pull one domino from a kleenex box or other container. Use the results to form their equation. Choose the best combinations to put in your box. If you don’t have an empty kleenex box, try a shoebox, a pan with a lid, or even a shoe! Make it fun and funny!
  • For non writers or struggling writers, create a template for large number dice. Trace your large number dice onto a piece of paper and add the operation sign and equal sign. Kids can roll the dice and set them onto the template paper, then put a number card onto the template for the answer.

Download the simple equation worksheets from the video by clicking here.

For more explanation on these activities, watch this video:

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