These 5 essential printables for 1st grade math will help kids with most new concepts introduced this year. Perfect to print now and have on hand as you teach 1st grade math.


5 Day Hopscotch: 5 Essential Printables For 1st Grade Math

This year I’m learning the BIG lesson of planning ahead for the entire year. Maybe I’m going overboard, but the more I do, the freer I feel. Whew!! In my preparation and planning for my 1st grader’s math curriculum (we’re using Horizons Math 1 this year)  I went through both books and wrote down a list of reference and practice materials that would help introduce every new concept.

Well, if you’re a PK1 fan, you can probably guess that I took to my computer and created a pack of printables to go along with her curriculum! I hope you’ll enjoy these and that they help out a 1st grader in your life! You may find that these printables help younger and older students too.

I’m linking up with iHomeschoolNetwork for a 5 day hopscotch, so come back each day to get the next free printable in this 5 pack series. And if you stick around through the last day, you’ll get access to a bonus printable that’s serious monster fun!

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