Inspire your kids to add up to 3 digit numbers in the Addition Quest game. Kids of different levels can play together and practice single, double, and triple digit addition with this dragon evading, treasure collecting printable board game!


Kids will love collecting treasure & evading dragons as they add up numbers in this free printable game.

FREE Printable Addition Quest Game For 1, 2, & 3 Digit Addition

I’ve been loving putting together file folder games and was inspired to make a game my kids would love to practice 3 digit addition. So I filled it full of castles, dragons, dungeons, princesses, knights and treasure! And who knew, it totally worked! My girls are loving this game – and while it’s a few more rules than they’re used to, they’re so focused on playing the game that they haven’t once complained about doing the math. That is a #homeschoolmomwin !

free printable addition game for kids

My girls love collecting treasure from the treasure pile! Use pretend jewels or cut out the treasure cards included in the download.

Mix single, double, and 3 digit addition levels.

The best part about this game (from a homeschool momma’s point of view) is that it can be played with different ages/levels. My kindergartener plays it with the single digit player’s mat, and my 2nd grader plays it with the three digit addition player’s mat. We use sheet protectors or dry erase pocket sleeves for the players mat and low odor dry erase markers for each kiddo to write their equations.

Addition Games For Kindergarten 1st Grade 2nd Grade

A great summer math game or math center for classrooms.

This game works great as a summer math game. Keep your kiddos sharp on their math skills while they have fun playing this game. And best of all, you can make it once and use it for multiple ages as you homeschool. Or, if you’re a teacher, it would make a great math center game. What kid doesn’t love collecting treasure, watching out for dragons, and racing to the castle?

free games to teach addition 1st grade

The kids think it’s hilarious to get sent to the dungeon! They have to roll a sum of 7 or higher to get back to the board on their next turn.

free printable addition games for 2nd grade math

Watch out for that silly dragon! He’s hungry for numbers and will erase your mat!

Everybody wins (if you want them to!)

Play your own rules for winning, it’s up to you. We like just collecting as many jewels as we can and that has seemed to keep the fights over winning at bay. Race to the castle, collect the most jewels, or just have fun!

3 Digit Addition Games

They don’t get more fun than Addition Quest! Download for free and set your kids on a fun 3 digit addition adventure!

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I hope you love this game as much as my family does. I’d love your comments on the game!

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free math center game 3 digit addition

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