These sheep are ready to have some letter fun with your preschooler or kindergartener! Adorable sheep are sorted and help kids learn letter recognition as they practice sorting vowels and consonants.


An easy file folder game you can make in just a few minutes to help young kids get familiar with vowels and consonants. Make one up for your homeschool or classroom for a quick educational go-to game.

Free Vowels & Consonants File Folder Game

This is the first file folder game I’ve made and I can say that I’m really nerding out here. I love the idea of having a bunch of these types of games made up and sitting on one of my bookshelves so I can pull them out at any moment. I feel inspired to make many more like this!

I just love how my little sheep came out, I think they’re adorable. My girls seem to really like this so I’m hoping other kids will as well. You can also use the letter sheep for other games you can think of! Maybe draw a little fence on paper and have the sheep “jump” over the fence as your little one says the letter?

I hope you really like this free printable. Please come back and let me know if you used it and how kids responded to it! I would just love your feedback 🙂

I’m posting picture instructions below on how to assemble just to make it easier.

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Assembly Instructions

(Download button is at end of post)

With the folder folded, trim off the tabs to your liking.

Fold each side towards the middle seam.

Use a ruler to flatten the folds well.

Cut the main label in half sideways.

Glue the label to the front of the folded folder so the seams match.

Glue the full sheet of the background picture to the inside middle of the folder. Lift up the top flap a bit while you glue to help you match the edge to the fold and ensure it folds up flat when you’re finished.

Next glue the top of the background picture to the top inside flap, using the same trick of lifting the flap a little to make sure it will close after it’s glued.

Glue the instructions to the left side of the inside bottom flap. To make sure the sheep pocket will fit, glue this piece very close to the left edge.

Tape the left, bottom, and right sides of the sheep pen to make a pocket. After taping the left and bottom sides, you can put a pencil in the pocket to make sure there will be enough room for the sheep after taping the right side. Remove the pencil and you’ll have the perfect sized pouch.

Cut the sheep into strips. I highly recommend having a 2″ circle punch to punch out all the letter sheep pieces. If you don’t have a punch, you can cut them out by hand.

Your file folder is now complete! Have fun sorting your sheep onto the consonant and vowel hills. TIP: give kids just a handful of sheep at a time to sort, too many can be overwhelming!

Either stuff the sheep into the sheep pocket when not in use, or rubber band them together first for a better chance of not losing random sheep!

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🙂 I hope you like this free printable! Please share it if you do and help me grow my little website! 🙂