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Does your little one struggle making their L sound?

While it’s the cutest ever to hear your child say “Pwease just a wittle bit wonger….???”, at some point they’ll start developing those la la las and this fun song can help!

I’ve heard that struggling with the saying the letter L sound isn’t really a speech problem unless your child is a bit older – more like 7 or 8. So while she struggles greatly with her L sound, my middle child is only 4 so I’m not too concerned about it. However, saying limericks and tongue twisters is an excellent speech therapy to help kids of any age focus on problem letter sounds and have lots of fun doing it.

Letter “L” Tongue Twisters For Speech Therapy

Tongue twisters are just fun in general, but if your young one is struggling with the letter L specifically, learning and practicing these letter L tongue twisters can also be used for some subtle speech therapy. Kids will have so much fun with Leo the Lion and his friends, they won’t even know you’re sneaking in a little therapy lesson in there!

So whether you’re looking for some speech therapy activities for helping a struggling child make their L sound, or simply introducing the letter L to young ones, Leo the Lion is here to help with his friends Lucy and Lilly!

Let your child watch the video over and over – you may be surprised at how quickly they focus in on that L sound. For more Leo fun, print out the free coloring pages, booklet and dice game.

Download the free printable book, coloring pages and dice game to have even more fun with this song!

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