Give your young student an excellent start in their education while building community and beginning their knowledge of music fundamentals – in a way that just feels like FUN! Enroll your child in free online music lessons for kids from Great Bend Center for Music.

Online Music Lessons For Kids

Disclosure: I was compensated for my time reviewing Great Bend Center for Music, but all opinions are honest – I want to help YOU in your choice of homeschool curriculum!

Free Online Music Lessons For Kids

There’s nothing like seeing your child’s eyes light up as they begin to dance to a beat and smile to some silly lyrics. Music brings us closer to our kiddos, and closer to each other.

Using musical experiences and exploration as a vehicle, Great Bend Center for Music is bridging communities and serving kids with an unforgettable start to music education. The online music school offers classes for kids from as young as age 2 through high school.

And to make it even better – classes for Pre-K through 3rd grade are offered completely free of charge. It’s the Internet’s best kept secret for amazing online music classes for kids and I’m so excited to let you in on it.

Take a look at Great Bend Center for Music online music classes for kids:

Online music lessons

Your Kids Will Love This Online Homeschool Music Program

My 1st grade daughter absolutely loved her Seal Pod class of the Sound Scholars™ program offered by Great Bend Center for Music. To be honest, I thought she was all Zoom’ed out and wouldn’t respond to yet another Zoom class.

But seeing her reaction to these daily 30 minute online homeschool music classes seriously caught my attention! She played along with her instruments to the rhythms in the songs. She played high-low with the other students. She danced and sang along with her class.

The classes captivated her and she instantly connected to her music teacher. She learned to read basic music notation after just a few classes – something I’ve been wanting to teach her and hadn’t yet got around to doing. Every single day she watched the clock and raced to the computer to log into her class. The one day we did forget and missed the class, she came to me in tears. She never missed another class after that!


online music class

We loved the inclusivity of the Sound  Scholars online music classes.


As a busy homeschool family we have to be pretty selective with the number of online homeschool classes we enroll in. We just can’t do all the things all the time, so we often have to say “no” to all the bazillion classes and options there are out there for online homeschool classes.

However, after experiencing my daughter’s response to these wonderful online music classes, I’ve already enrolled her and my toddler in classes for the next term!

Online homeschool music classes can certainly be tricky. It can be tough to find great teachers that use a curriculum that truly works for your online homeschool. Sound Scholars™ classes are taught in the very best way to increase music literacy and ear training – all while kids have a blast in their classes.

music online for homeschool

These online homeschool classes include so many fun musical games and song!

Are Online Music Lessons Good For Kids?

Online music lessons are a great addition to every child’s education. Adding online music lessons to your child’s education benefits them in countless ways. It’s well known that kids have varying strengths in multiple ways of learning. Some kids are more visual learners, others auditory learners and some more kinesthetic – or physical – learners. Music covers all these learning styles!

Visual learners tap into reading music notation. Auditory learners respond to the sounds and rhythms. Kinesthetic learners connect through the physical act of making music & sounds.

Music education in itself bridges all three of these learning styles and more.

Online music lessons from Great Bend Center for Music make the most of all the benefits of learning music online. Through fun songs, games, activities, and coordinated performance, these online music classes provide huge benefits to every type of learner.


online music lessons

My daughter loved the teachers in her online music lessons and all the fun activities.

The 5 Best Features of a Great Online Music Program:

  1. Engages Different Learning Styles
  2. Increases Their Awareness & Understanding Of The World Around Them
  3. Helps Kids Discover Rhythms And Patterns
  4. Gently Challenges Kids To Develop Their Minds
  5. Taps Into Connections For Social / Emotional Progress
kids music classes online

The songs, games, and activities in my daughter’s online music class made her instantly connect with the teacher and the program.

My daughter really enjoyed her SoundScholar™ classes.

I’ve tried to teach music a bit to my kids, but sadly it often gets pushed aside because we’re inevitably overwhelmed with other subjects.

Seeing how my 7 year responded to her Seal Pod class really convinced me how important it is to prioritize music in our homeschool day.

I know many homeschool moms don’t think of online classes for music because it seems like something that should be taught in person. But the online music classes from Great Bend Center for Music are a perfect fit in our homeschool!

At the core of this online music program is community. Great Bend Center for Music classes involve making music together with the teacher and fellow students to build a sense of belonging.

What struck me as super interesting is that I didn’t know that building community was a primary aim of this program when my daughter started taking classes. I asked her what she liked most about her music class and one of the things she said was “I liked that I got to hang out with people that were far away.”

Free Online Early Childhood Education Music Program

As a non-profit charitable organization, Great Bend Center for Music offers their online early childhood education program for grades Pre-K (age 2) through 3rd grade at completely no cost to you.

You can read more about their mission here and get inspired to make a difference in your kids’ lives through music.

These classes focus on music literacy and ear training through the use of songs, games, activities, and participation. In a Sound Scholars class kids learn listening skills, build friendships, learn to start and stop tasks by direction, utilize teamwork, and build their school readiness.

Kids Online Music Program

No-Cost Early Childhood Music Education Programs from Great Bend Center for Music:

Sound Scholars™ classes are offered in 10 week terms and meet every weekday with multiple times available. Classes are 30 minutes long – the perfect length for your little musicisians!


Otter Pod: Ages 2-5 (Pre-K)

Seal Pod: Kindergarten & 1st Grade

Porpoise Pod: 2nd & 3rd Grade

online music classes

“Music unlocks marvelous things in the heart and mind of a child.”

My 7 Year Old Daughter Couldn’t Wait For Her Next Online Music Class

My daughter loved the music, her teacher, and her first experience singing with a group. The Seal Pod classes started with fun songs and games. The teacher was kind, compassionate, and engaging. She responded gracefully to the students, even when the wiggles and distractions happened. 

Throughout the class, students worked on a song that they sang collectively at the end of the term. My daughter has always been shy about singing, but during the last class I heard her join in on the song and it gave me all the warm fuzzy feelings. 

kids music lessons online

I loved that my young daughter was learning musical notation and didn’t even know she was doing something “brainy.” The Seal Pod online music class taught this with fun games she loved playing.

“Music bridges all learning styles and abilities and reaches every child in some way.”

online homeschool music classes for kids

Watch the PK1Kids Video Review of Great Bend Center for Music:

HighKey Kids™ Program for 4th Grade Through High School:

The music fun continues for 4th grade and up! The HighKey Kids™ program offered by Great Bend Center for Music includes 45 minute classes that meet once or twice a week.

HighKey Kids™ Online Music Classes Include:

  • Video Game Music
  • Beat & Loops
  • Songwriting
  • Digital Audio Production
  • General Musicianship
  • Group Piano / Keyboard
  • Group Piano / Keyboard Junior
  • Family Ukelele

Online music lessons

Get 15% off HighKey Kids Classes With Code “homeschool”

Enter the code “homeschool” (without quotation marks) when registering for 15% off any HighKey Kids™ offering (any 10-week class term, one-time a la carte class, or any other paid HighKey Kids class). The code can be used multiple times and will be good for any sign-ups through the end of 2022.

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I hope you enjoyed this review of Great Bend Center for Music.

Hop on over and register for your kiddo’s free class now! Hope to see you in a class!



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