Teaching older kids more advanced topics can be tough for larger families with little ones underfoot. If you’ve got economics on your radar for your older kids, sign them up for this beginner class they’ll love from Mr. D Math.

Mr D Math online junior economics for junior high

Disclosure: I was compensated for my time reviewing Mr. D Math’s Junior Economic Class, but all opinions are honest – I want to help YOU in your choice of homeschool curriculum!

Online Self-Paced Junior Economics Class For Middle Schoolers

My 12 year old daughter has been going through an online Junior Economics class by Mr. D Math. It has been teaching her all the things I’ve known I should be teaching her and never getting to – like balancing a checkbook, the difference between credit and debit – you know, the important financial things you really shouldn’t “forget” to teach your kids!

I’m also a serious entrepreneur at heart, so when I took a look at the class outline my inner nerd got real excited. This Junior Economics class is the perfect introduction to business basics and financial know-how that just may wake up some business aspirations in your kids.

If you’ve ever thought about enrolling your middle school student in an economics class, this self paced online junior economics class from Mr. D Math might be just what you’re looking for.


middle school economics projects

We loved the economics projects in this online middle school class!

Is Economics Taught In Middle School?

Economics is a great topic to begin teaching your kids at any age, especially middle school. If your child isn’t ready for more advanced economics concepts, a Junior Economics class from Mr. D Math is a great choice!

While economics is a popular class for high school students, enrolling your middle schooler in a junior economics class can get them off to a great start managing their money, increasing their awareness of how the world works, and may even spark an entrepreneurial interest in them.

“Economics study can help even the youngest kids learn about cause and effect, limitation of resources, and mindfulness. I highly recommend bringing all your kids – of all ages – in on some level of economics study.” – Christy, pk1kids.com

do middle school students learn economics

Learning economics ideas, principles, and vocabulary is helpful for kids of all ages.

Online Junior Economics Middle School Curriculum From Mr. D Math

Online classes are the perfect solution for kids who are getting older and ready for more specific subjects. But with so many classes out there, how do you know you’re not about to waste your money?

And what if you sign your kid up for a live online class and… LIFE happens? Kids miss classes and assignments, and again your money is wasted and your kid can feel discouraged.

I honestly have never been more impressed with an online class. Mr. D Math uses an impressive mix of features and approaches to deliver a well-rounded experience that kids love.

And I admit I was a little worried about my daughter taking too many online classes and getting bored, overwhelmed, or burned out. But by going through Mr. D Math’s Junior Economics course we learned a lot about the types of programs that work well for my complicated 12 year old. 🙂


self paced economics class

This online economics class is just perfect for middle school students!

If you’re unsure what an economics class for middle schoolers would even entail, here’s a great list of topics covered in this Junior Economics class:

economics vocabulary for junior high students

The class binder is a great addition to the junior economics course and includes tons of great activities.

Mr. D. Math’s Junior Economics Class Teaches:

  • What is Economics?
  • Goods vs Services
  • Wants vs Needs
  • Supply vs Demand / Producer vs Consumer
  • Human, Natural, & Capital Resources
  • Business Advertising
  • Advertisement Project
  • Types of Money
  • Comparing Payments
  • Financial Institutions
  • How to Open a Bank Account
  • Personal vs Business Checks, Endorsing Checks
  • Preparing Bank Documents
  • Making Deposits
  • Check Register
  • Write Checks
  • Review Checks, Deposits / Bounced Checks
  • Receiving and Paying Interest
  • Types of Jobs, Interest vs Skill
  • Job Application, Resumes
  • Interviewing for Jobs
  • Paychecks and Paystub
  • Being a Good Employee
  • Business Leaders & Business Operating Costs
  • Budgeting at Home
  • Creating Your Business
  • Expenses and Pricing
  • Promoting Your Business
  • Business Changes

Self-Paced, Automated Quizzes, and Live Graded Feedback

The self-paced & online combo brought a few welcome surprises for my daughter.

First off, we learned that self-paced classes are a great format for kids who like to be in control of their own schedule. My daughter uses her Homeschool Planet online planner to schedule out her assignments and she loves the flexibility of planning out her jr. econ classes the way that works best for her. 

Also, instead of allowing the student to bounce around and do lessons in any order, each lesson is locked until the previous lesson is complete. This is pretty clever and kept my daughter focused on completing lessons so she could move through the course.

self paced classes for middle school economics

My daughter always loves to do her economics homework!

My middle schooler also really liked the printable activities and worksheets and keeping them in her class binder. Each short lesson had a simple automated quiz at the end which was also a favorite part of the class. Aren’t we all suckers for immediate feedback?

But the part we really geeked out on was that some of the assignments and projects were graded by a real live person in real time. I had never heard of that for a self paced class and this was arguably the best part of this junior economics class. 

The cherry on the top? Mr. D Math offered students contests with the chance to win prizes – but only if they could correctly solve a complicated math problem. I’ve never seen my tween so eager to crunch numbers!

The 5 Best Features of Mr. D Math’s Online Junior Economics Course:

  • Completely Online & Self Paced (NO stress, NO pressure!)
  • Lesson Activities to Print, Complete, and Keep in Class Binder
  • Automated Quizzes For Each Lesson
  • Larger Projects For Kids To Practice Concepts Learned
  • Live Grading & Feedback From Instructors



Unexpected Benefit: My 12 Year Old Daughter Started Asking Me Financial Questions

Ever since she started taking this class, my 7th grade daughter started asking real financial questions. We began to discuss at length how debit cards and credit cards work. She asked me about how to choose the right bank. My 12 year old daughter on her own brought up supply and demand in casual conversations.

This is a “proof is in the pudding” scenario. Her Junior Economics classes are keeping her attention and curiosity. When she asks these questions my first response is that quick feeling of embarrassment that I completely forgot I should be teaching her these things.

But my second thought is how cool all this is that she’s not only learning these concepts but asking about them and discussing them with me and my husband.


mr d math online classes for middle school


Try An Online Self-Paced Class For Middle School Economics

When I think of Economics as a subject in school it doesn’t carry an exciting connotation. However, after going through Mr. D Math’s Junior Economics class with my oldest daughter, it’s now on my plan for my remaining three kids after her.

This is such a great online economics class and I can’t wait for the rest of my kids to take it!


Teach Real Life Skills With Mr. D Math Economics Classes

As kids get older they often have more opportunities to save and spend money. I think we’ve all seen our younger kids spend their birthday money the minute it comes to their hot little hands.

When we see our kids start to think about saving towards a bigger purchase, however, we know they’re ready to learn more about money management.

This is our sign to swoop in and start having the conversations that will give them the skills they’ll need to approach money in a healthy way when they’re older.

how to teach your teenager to be good with money

“Teaching kids about money while they’re young doesn’t guarantee they’ll make wise financial decisions when they’re older. It will, however, give them the knowledge they’ll need to accomplish their own financial goals when they’re ready to make them.” -Christy, pk1kids.com

I want to encourage you to begin discussing some general economics concepts and vocabulary with your kids as soon as possible. 

And when they’re ready to go deeper, try out the Junior Economics class from Mr. D Math to give your kids – and you – the very best start to talking about money matters as a family.

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