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Super Fun Online Classes For Your Homeschool

Disclosure: I was compensated for my time reviewing Allschool, but all opinions are honest – I want to help YOU in your choice of homeschool curriculum!

Try a Fun Online Class For Your Homeschool Kids – Allschool Review

When I first began homeschooling I thought that I would be spending the majority of my time allowing my kids to discover things that were most interesting to them. I wanted to be able to give them opportunities to explore the topics that made them most curious. But what I didn’t realize in the beginning was that giving them time to learn special things outside of our standard curriculum would become more and more difficult – especially as my family grew.

Even though I really love the idea of enrolling my kids in “extra” classes so they can learn more about all sorts of topics, I admit that it’s pretty hard to do. I usually can’t handle the time commitment and extra funds required to get all my kids in specialty classes.

When we learned about Allschool’s online class offerings and their unique features, it was clear that this would be an easy addition to our homeschool plan that checks all the boxes.

How To Get Free Online Classes From Allschool:

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free online class from allschool

Browse through hundreds of online class listings to supplement your homeschool, or provide some fun summer learning.

online class for homeschool
  • Small class sizes
  • Online class choices for all ages
  • Dynamic, passionate teachers

We Found A Fun New Site For My Homeschool Kids To Take An Online Class

I’ve actually been asked about Allschool a lot recently by other homeschool moms. There’s quite the buzz going on about this source for online classes for kids. My 7 year old daughter was fortunate to have the opportunity to try out a few classes so we could see what we thought. I’m happy to be able to tell my homeschool friends what Allschool is really all about. (Spoiler alert, you’re gonna want to bookmark!)

My daughter first tried a class on narwhals and was grinning pretty much the entire time. Her Allschool teacher seemed like she had stepped out of an educational show on TV. She was actually a real life diver, but I imagined she’d stepped right out of a Wild Kratts episode. She held my daughter’s attention every single minute of her 30-minute class and taught her a ton of fun facts about narwhals.

online homeschool class for kids

My daughter loved this online class about narwhals.

homeschool class online for kids

We love supplementing our homeschool with a fun online class! My daughter learned so many interesting facts about narwhals.

My daughter picked this class especially because she always wanted to know more about narwhals. She learned a lot in that short online class and even got to finish it with drawing a narwhal. One of her friends took the class with her, which made it even more fun!

After she loved her narwhal class so much, we decided to go through the Allschool online class listings together so she could pick out a couple more classes to try.

It was really fun to see my daughter’s eyes light up as we scrolled through the classes and filled out her wish list. I was really happy to see that classes were really affordable – something this momma of 4 really appreciates!

a fun homeschool online class

My daughter loved drawing a narwhal with her teacher!

learning with online class for homeschool

We loved how interactive this online class was. I thought my daughter’s narwhal turned out so cute!

What is Allschool?

Small, Live Online Classes

Allschool is a website that presents online class offerings for kids of all ages across various subjects. They have thousands of classes to choose from and they’re all very reasonably priced. The classes are small and interactive so they kids get the most out of them.

Passionate Teachers

All the teachers we have met in our online class times from Allschool have been extremely passionate and knowledgeable in what they’ve taught. This is super helpful when you’re trying to keep the attention of young kids. The passion and animation of the teachers really comes through that screen which is something that you absolutely need to have if you want your kids to stay focused and attentive throughout an online class.

Interactive Classes

Allschool offers online class selections that are very interactive for your kids. The teachers are asking questions and doing activities through the computer screen. So far every class we’ve taken on Allschool has caught and kept my daughter’s attention because she’s participating in the activities that the teacher leads.

Allschool offers classes in a variety of different subjects:

  • Art
  • Coding / Tech
  • English
  • Health & Wellness
  • Life Skills
  • Math
  • Music
  • Science & Nature
  • Social Studies
  • World Languages

There are a lot of fun classes you wouldn’t expect like classes for animal lovers, kids who love dinosaurs – even a mermaid ballet class!

online class homeschool options

Something about having that special time with her own teacher makes my daughter really love taking an online class.

Are online classes bad for kids?

Short, interactive online classes benefit kids when they supplement their in-person education.

As our society is ricocheting from the result of so many kids having to go to online classes, there is a lot of discussion about how detrimental moving learning to completely online has been for our young kids.

If learning exclusively online is not necessarily the best choice for younger kids, does that mean all that online classes are a bad choice for kids? Personally I don’t think so. I just think we need to keep a few things in mind.

For example, we should keep online classes very short – especially for the younger kids. If I’m going to have my kindergarten, first grade or second grade kids take an online class it needs to be short, sweet and to the point.

An online class for kids also needs to be highly interactive with a dynamic teacher. Younger kids especially have short attention spans and are not going to be interested in what they see on a flat computer screen unless it is interactive.

These reasons are some of the top reasons why Allschool classes work so well for young kids.

Most of the classes for this age range offered on Allschool are short and around 30 minutes. In my opinion and experience 30 minutes is pretty much the max for younger kids in preschool and lower elementary. Allschool does online classes correctly in that their teachers are highly dynamic and passionate about what they teach. They focus on interactive activities and conversation throughout the class and keeping the classes small helps them do this.

Young kids will get completely lost in a large online class. If they feel like the teachers are not asking them questions or listening to their answers they will tune out in the first few minutes of class. Every class we took on Allschool was small and made my daughter feel like she was important to the teacher and that the teacher was paying attention to her.

“I know It’s important to provide my kids with opportunities to learn beyond their regular curriculum, but this is hard to do with a large family. We found it easy with an online class from Allschool. It’s such a great way to add extracurricular excitement to your homeschool!”

fun online class for homeschool kids to take

My daughter thought this online class was so fun! She learned so many things about different dog breeds and she loved her teacher.

Best Features Of An Allschool Online Class

5 Things We Love About An Online Class From Allschool

  1. Short classes. While some of the more advanced classes do edge closer to an hour, we found that most classes my daughter wanted to take were in the 30 minute time frame. This is absolutely the best length for an online class for younger kids. We loved that there are so many options that fit this time frame which is what I personally know for sure my kids are comfortable with.
  2. Dynamic teachers. Nobody likes to learn from someone who just drones on and on and doesn’t pay attention to them. Allschool classes are taught by teachers who are super dynamic. The knowledge that they have of their topic helps them truly interact with the kids and teach in a fun and exciting way. We absolutely loved all of our teachers and the way that they taught their classes.
  3. Interesting Topics. We really like the variety of classes that we could find on Allschool. We found so many unique classes such as Hip Hop and Dinosaurs, Glow In The Dark Lava Lamp Experiment, Weekly Rabbit Social Club, and Mermaid Beginner Ballet Dance. Seeing all these fun and unique classes really makes us want to keep this site bookmarked and continually check it for some fun after school classes for my kids. I’m also looking forward to having my kids pick some classes to do this summer to beat the summer boredom.
  4. Text Reminders. Sometimes a small feature can make a big difference and be a big selling point. We were able to sign up for text messaging and got text message reminders for each class a half an hour before it was supposed to start. For a busy mama of lots of kids, I absolutely love this feature. I’m not always checking my email throughout the day but I do have my phone and my watch to give me text messages as I’m hustling and bustling. The text message reminders definitely helped us remember when we had a class scheduled and I absolutely love that feature.
  5. Classpod and Zoom. The Allschool classes we took used either Classpod or Zoom. My kids are obviously very familiar with Zoom so that was very easy for them to use. This was our first time using Classpod, though, and to be honest I really loved it. We did have to install it as a standalone program on her computer but I really loved the user interface. The Allschool website itself is very organized and presents a very clean and easy to use schedule. You can see all the classes that you’ve enrolled in and all the links to join are all right there in one place.
favorite online class for homeschool

Dynamic teachers AND impactful lessons made us want to take more classes for our homeschool.

homeschool online class

The best part about the small online class model is that kids get that direct feedback from the teachers. My daughter absolutely loved showing her teacher what she drew.

Our Favorite Online Class Picks On Allschool

Find An Online Class For Animal Lovers:

If you have kids that love animals you will love how many classes all school has for animal lovers. My daughter took a class on how to draw cute animals and loved it. There’s even a class taught by a real zookeeper! Click here to explore classes for animal lovers.

Dinosaur Themed Online Class For Homeschool

Lots of kids love dinosaurs so lots of kids will find an awesome class on Allschool. Click here to explore some dinosaur classes.

PK1 Top Picks

With so many awesome classes to choose from it might be tough to decide on your first pick. Here are some of the classes we really enjoyed or are on our wish list to try with my youngest ones:

Preschool Sing Along

Let’s Go To The Supermarket

Animal Fun Facts!

Unique Underwater Creatures

Cute Animal Drawing Class For Little Artists

Rock Painting Fun

Narwhals: Ocean Explorers

benefits of online classes for homeschool

My daughter really loves directed drawing classes!

“We felt that we redeemed our kids’ screen time by enrolling them in a fun online class of their choice from Allschool.”

Watch the PK1Kids Video Review of Great Bend Center for Music:

Try Allschool For Free

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You can get your first class completely free if you click on the link below. Once you take a class or two I’m sure you’ll be hooked and keep Allschool on your radar for some helpful classes for your kids. With summer approaching I’m sure we will all have those days when the kids are whining and complaining about being bored. So sign them up for a couple of Allschool classes! Let let them look through the catalog and choose one that looks exciting for them. I’m sure your kiddo will have a wonderful time in their Allschool classes just like we did.


I hope you enjoyed this review of Allschool.

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