Summer is almost over and it’s time to wake up those sleepy brains in time for school. But let’s do it in a super fun way with these 5 Summer Fun Activity Pages!

Ice cream themed activity pages

Today I’m publishing #1 of 5 end of summer activity pages for kids. Who’s ready for some ice cream themed fun?

Here’s A Free Printable Ice Cream Themed Activity Page

I hope your kids love this simple ice cream themed activity page. My girls really liked writing out their recipes for the perfect ice cream sundae. Like how I added a little writing assignment in here without kids realizing?? Feeling pretty smart 🙂

Includes Free Ice Cream Coloring Pages

I know some younger kids might not be able to do everything on this activity page, so I included some free ice cream coloring pages as well. My 3 year old had a really fun time coloring his ice cream cone!

I hope you enjoy these free ice cream themed activity pages for your end of summer fun! Check your email tomorrow for the next activity page in my series!

Happy Summer!

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