Come along on a backyard adventure and follow the lives of some adorable baby chicks!

Bawk Bawk in the Backyard

Written By Celina Marie Chase

Illustrated By Celina Marie Chase

Do you hear the cute little chirps and peeps coming from that box? That’s because there are adorable baby chicks inside!

Come along for a fun adventure raising baby chicks. This smoothly rhyming storybook will have you bawk-bawking together as you read this children’s book about raising backyard chickens.

We love this book for PK1Kids because the verse is fun and smooth, the pictures are interesting, and well, we just love raising chickens!

This book also makes a great companion to my chick hatching journal. If you’re raising chicks – or just want to read a fun story about them – grab your copy of Bawk Bawk in the Backyard.

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