It’s time for some garden themed activity page fun! Draw your perfect garden, create some flowers, count the butterflies and solve a word search and maze.

garden themed activity page

Today I’m publishing #4 of 5 end of summer activity pages for kids. Time to get our hands dirty and plant some seeds!

Here’s A Free Printable Gardening Themed Activity Page

I hope your kids love this simple gardening themed activity page. Can they find all the plant names in the word search?  What will they plant in their garden?

Includes Free Butterfly & Flower Coloring Pages

I know some younger kids might not be able to do everything on this activity page, so I included a free butterfly and flower coloring page as well.

I hope you enjoy these free gardening themed activity pages for your end of summer fun! Check your email tomorrow for the last activity page in my series!

Happy Summer!

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