Sonlight Curriculum makes it incredibly easy to lead your family on a journey through American History while building lasting and meaningful memories with your kids.

Disclosure: I was compensated for my time reviewing this curriculum. All my opinions are mine, honest, and I was not required to post a positive review.

[social_warfare] Sonlight Christian American History Program For Kindergarten

Sonlight Christian American History Program For Younger Kids

Who knew American History could be this easy to teach?

You don’t have to be a history buff to teach American History like a boss. Sonlight Curriculum makes it incredibly easy to lead your family on a journey through American History while building lasting and meaningful memories with your kids.

Sonlight’s Exploring American History package combines engaging American History texts, beautifully curated literature books, and Bible lessons into one super simple (and wonderfully organized) plan for your family.

Kids love stories so it’s only natural that Sonlight’s story based approach to teaching history is so effective in teaching your children the history they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

With the inclusion of the Heroes And Happenings books, Sonlight’s Exploring American History package is a perfect fit for families with young children who love colorful books that make history come alive.

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Picture book based history program for kindergarten.

The beautiful Heroes and Happenings books were lovely to explore together.

Beautiful, colorful books with right-sized lessons

These stunning texts illustrated in the style of colorful children’s books are packed with perfectly sized lessons for the younger kids in your home. While the recommended ages for this curriculum are 5 to 6, in my personal opinion this package could easily be used for kids as old as 8. Even my 6th grader enjoys listening to the stories and using the discussion questions as essay prompts.

My kindergartener and I loved snuggling up to read these stories together. It was so easy to discuss the vocabulary words along the way and hit a discussion question or two after we read, or over lunch.  While we didn’t have the complete package, just the Heroes And Happenings books alone had us hooked from the start. And let me tell you, this busy homeschool momma was drooling over the organization aspect of this curriculum!

Teach history to kids using stories

Everyone wants to snuggle on the couch with mom reading stories!

Christian American History Homeschool Program

I have never used curriculum that was this well organized before. I felt super spoiled!

Combine American History, Literature, & Bible with an all-in-one-kit that’s easy to follow.

As a Sonlight newbie I felt downright spoiled opening up their Instructor’s Guide and seeing how perfectly planned and easy to follow their weekly schedules are. I mean, everything is right there on each weekly page. And notes on the bottom tell you the verse to memorize, and discussion questions for each of the readings. Icons show you parental notes, map references, and when your child should add a timeline figure to their timelines. I’ve never had such an organized and simple plan. Is this how the “other half” lives??

Want a closer look?

How Sonlight helps you create a solid foundation in your homeschool routine.

Starting with a large program like this that combines History, Literature, and Bible really helps your family start your homeschool day with a solid foundation. I could definitely see beginning each day with our Bible reading and song, then going into our history lessons and literature read-alouds. Yes, I’m picturing me and the kids snuggled up in front of the fire on a cold winter morning reading Little House in the Big Woods. Ha! That rarely happens in my home, but it’s how I picture our little homeschooling family on the perfect day!

And can you imagine knocking out these three subjects and then moving on from there? You’d start your day feeling like a super mom!

christian history program for kids

Laminated pull-out maps stored in the binder make easy and valuable references.

Sonlight Exploring American History

Choose from 4 or 5 day programs. The Instructor’s Guide is literally open and start teaching, it’s so wonderfully organized.

Create lasting memories with your kids as you read through expertly curated books.

Ok, I admit, one of my homeschool FOMO pain points is that I always feel like the other homeschool families are reading all these wonderful books together and my girls have never even read Little Women or Old Yeller!  I know reading is so important, and the idea of having all these wonderfully chosen books in a package from Sonlight is so compelling.

I’m so impressed by the reading list that Sonlight put together for this package. You can see all the books included in their package description by clicking here.

Homeschool American History

Not just for kindergarteners, get more bang for your buck by easily including your older kids.

Like I mentioned above, I really feel that this program would be wonderful for Kindergarten through into 2nd grade. So if you wanted to teach American History to more than one grade you could definitely get away with that.

If you only have a kid or two, you could dive deep into these stories and lessons and have some wonderful times with your kids.

Kindergarten history curriculum for kids.

But if you’ve got multiple kids, I want to let you know that Sonlight offers some great perks to help you out! You can save a ton of time and money by exploring their multiple children approach. This involves splitting subjects into “Couch Time” and “Table Time.”

PLUS, you don’t have to buy a package for each child. Oh my gosh peeps, haven’t you ever wanted someone to help you figure out exactly what curriculum to buy for your kids? I mean, it’s crazy town! Sonlight has Curriculum Advisors that help you put together everything you need for all your kids! Awesome, right?

When it comes to the cost of buying a larger curriculum package, I’ve learned a huge lesson. I have always been a frugal homeschooler – scrapping together used books, library subscriptions, and free printables, to put together educational items for my kids. Sure, it’s do-able. It IS, however, a LOT of work. Eventually I started realizing that whatever I did spend money on I’d be able to use for all my subsequent kids. So now I divide the cost of any purchase by 4 (the number of kids we have) and, whew! – it makes me realize what a huge value these packages can be!

Exploring American History Includes Everything Below:

Sonlight Exploring American History Kindergarten

Want to know if Sonlight’s American History Package Will Work For you?

How many of these boxes could you check off?

☑️ Planning lessons for multiple subjects & multiple kids is not how you relax on the weekend

☑️ You love snuggling up with your kids and reading stories together (extra points if you’ve trained them to fold laundry during story time!)

☑️ You and your kids get bored with texts that are just black and white

☑️ You’d rather have a lively family discussion about what happened in a story than give your kids formal written exams

☑️ You and your kids like to memorize Scripture using songs

☑️ You wonder why no one thought to use stickers for timeline constructions before now – genius!

☑️ You dream about having someone else figure out EXACTLY what curriculum to order for all your kids – it can be downright overwhelming!

☑️ You love to learn about diverse and interesting characters in American History that are often not included in mainstream history books

☑️ You love library books, but for once in your life you wish you could just have (if your kids lose one more library book for goodness’ sake!)

☑️ While you don’t mind piecing together curriculum if you needed to, buying a complete package for the whole sha-bang would feel like you won the lottery

I really hope you enjoyed learning about Sonlight’s Exploring American History Program!

Go check it out now! 🙂



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