Perfect for kids from toddlers to tweens, this fun Indian corn craft is a great harvest themed art project for your entire family or class!


Easy Fall Crafts For Kids Indian Corn

Indian Corn Craft For Kids

Celebrate harvest with this super easy and fun Indian corn craft! Kids can get messy and use their fingertips for the corn kernels, or use q-tips dipped in different colors for less mess.

Easy Fall Crafts For Kids Indian Corn Craft

Here are some simple steps for this craft:

  1. Gather some dried corn husks from a pumpkin patch, or tear up some green, tan or brown construction paper.

  2. Print a picture of Indian corn like the one here on wikipedia:

    By Sam Fentress, CC BY-SA 2.0,

  3. Choose paints based on the colors you and the kids find in the picture and add them to a palette. If you don’t have a palette, check your recycle bin. Plastic lids from canisters and containers work great as palettes!

  4. Using either fingertips or q-tips, kids can dip and paint corn kernels on the printable guide downloadable below  (print on cardstock if you’ve got it), or have them draw a corn cob on a white piece of paper first if you don’t want to use the printable. Have a package of wet wipes or paper towels handy to clean fingertips between dips!

    Paint corn kernels for this Easy Indian Corn Craft For Kids

    Use q-tips to paint corn kernels.

    For fingerpainting fall crafts try this Easy Indian Corn Craft

    Or use fingertips to paint the kernels!

  5. Glue pieces of corn husk or construction paper to make the corn husks.

    Fun fall crafts include this Easy Indian Corn Craft For Kids

    If your corn husks are thick you may need to place heavy jars, cans, or use binder clips to weight them down until the glue dries.

  6. Let the artwork dry. Optionally you can cut around the corn cob.

  7. Hang up and decorate for harvest!

Easy Fall Crafts For Kids Try This Indian Corn Craft

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