Teaching the human body in your homeschool? Dr. Robin’s School of Pre-Med lessons are perfect for kids of all ages to learn unforgettable lessons in human biology from a real doctor and homeschool mom.

Homeschool Human Body Science Curriculum

Disclosure: I was compensated for my time reviewing Dr. Robin’s School of Pre-Med, but all opinions are honest – I want to help YOU in your choice of homeschool curriculum!

Homeschool Human Body Science Curriculum

We love all things science in our family, but I often get that science FOMO when I’m trying to piece everything together myself and teach it all. Am I doing enough experiments? Am I covering everything I should? Am I teaching this the right way? I don’t want my kids to miss out because I didn’t major in science or remember what I learned in high school biology!

When we got the chance to take a look at Dr. Robin’s School of Pre-Med classes I admit I was very humbled. For the first time ever my kids got to learn science from someone who was much more capable and skilled at teaching biology than I am. We quickly became #superfans!

We did a year long human body science study last year as a family and I’m super bummed we didn’t know about Dr. Robin’s School of Pre-Med. We had a great time going through The Body Book and making a life-size cutout human model with all the different systems. It was a great project that my kids will remember forever. However, after going through that unit that I pieced together myself, I sure wish I’d been able to base my lessons on the classes by Dr. Robin’s School of Pre-Med.

And before we go any further with this, please don’t be misled by the “Pre-Med” part – that phrase always makes me think of upper high school and college prep level science. While Dr. Robin’s School of Pre-Med does offer high school level studies, we found these lessons and unit studies to have something for everyone in my family – from my middle schooler all the way to my toddler! (He always wants to get in on whatever his sisters are doing.)

If you’re looking for a great resource to teach any human biology lessons in your homeschool, please for the love of stethoscopes – do read on!

homeschool science lessons to teach the human body

Homeschool Science Lessons To Teach the Human Body

Teaching the human body in your homeschool is a fun, memorable and whole family experience! From the senses to the intricacies of the various human body systems, there are great learning opportunities for all ages. Dr. Robin’s School of Pre-Med offers free lessons from her 8 Senses Unit when you sign up for her newsletter. There’s also a Human Body Basics unit study which is a great place to start and can be used by the whole family.

One of the best things about Dr. Robin’s classes is that she’s a board-certified family physician, adjunct faculty at a medical school AND homeschooling mom! She has an incredible talent of teaching in a way that captivates kids from the first few words that she speaks. The way she explains things is engaging and extremely effective. My kids were hooked from the very first video!

If you’re looking for great curriculum to teach the human body this year, Dr. Robin’s School of Pre-Med is a great core resource you should have in your homeschool plan.  You can start with her Human Body Basics unit study, or buy an annual subscription to unlock all of her awesome classes.

curriculum for human body science lessons

My girls loved filling out their worksheets while watching their human body lessons.

Human Biology Curriculum For Homeschool

My kids and I discovered quickly that we really enjoy the structure of her lessons. She pairs a 10 minute or so video with an optional worksheet or activity. This makes it so easy to get some core human body studies in and then explore the idea further. Or if you want to teach this science camp style you could easily cover multiple lessons each day.

Her lessons also cover some experiments and dissections that can be done along with the video. Or, if you’re like me and can’t stomach the dissections (and have trouble with experiments working) you can watch the videos and discuss and take notes – saving your kitchen table and your lunch!

Many human biology curriculum resources stick to the basics and hardly go deep. It’s often not until you get into some upper middle school or high school programs when your kids get into more advanced concepts – and then things get real serious real fast! Dr. Robin wanted to learn real doctor stuff as a kid which is one of the reasons she offers these lessons to homeschool kids. If you want REAL medical science available to your kids at any age, Dr. Robin’s School of Pre-Med will be the perfect fit for your science homeschool curriculum.

Meet Dr. Robin:

Easy Human Body Unit Study

Most homeschool families have a year or two in which they tackle a full human body study. There are so many wonderful teaching tools for human anatomy and physiology on Amazon. From cardiovascular models, to organ modeling kits and large dental models, it’s easy to eclectically build an engaging human body study for your kids. If this is your preferred approach, don’t be like me and hodge-podge it, covering random topics and then feel like you missed something. With a subscription to Dr. Robin’s School of Pre-Med, you can follow her suggested order of lessons and make sure you’re teaching your kids everything they’ll need to know. You can begin with her video lessons, direct your kids to complete her short worksheets, and then explore your favorite topics with your supplemental activities and products you found.

If your kids are younger and you want a great place to start, take a look at her lessons that cover the 8 senses. If you want the first 5 lessons for free you can subscribe to her newsletter. You’ll get the videos and worksheets for:

  • Intro to the 8 Senses
  • The Tongue and Nose
  • The Ear and Hearing
  • Draw a Human Eye
  • and Vestibular System

This is the perfect way to try out lessons from Dr. Robin’s School of Pre-Med and see what a great fit they will be for your family.

As a newsletter subscriber we were thrilled to get a copy of her Anatomy Paper Dolls as well! What a great idea this is and perfect for my girls who love coloring and making projects. They got to cut out their paper dolls and instead of clothes, put on the different body systems, learning about their functions while they did it. Such a clever project!

teach human body systems using paper dolls

My girls loved learning about the human body systems with these great paper dolls.

Why We Love Dr. Robin’s School of Pre-Med With All Our Cardiovascular Organs

Every family has to find what works for their own learning styles, organizational styles and seasons in life. We have found that we absolutely love educational videos that pair with physical projects and worksheets with opportunities to learn more.

We really love the way Dr. Robin teaches – she just has this way of teaching that makes me envy her a little bit! But I’m so thankful that we have the opportunity to have a real doctor and science teacher “in” our home to teach human body and biology lessons.

While I know many homeschoolers are anti-worksheets, I have found that my kids retain much more when they’re writing notes and following along with instruction. The worksheets and activities that go with the human body curriculum that Dr. Robin provides are just the right length. Most are one page and help your kids remember what’s taught.  We really love this aspect of Dr. Robin’s School of Pre-Med!

human biology lessons for kids

And as if that weren’t enough, we absolutely love all the extra goodies that Dr. Robin gives to her community! We open all her emails because there’s always something great in her newsletter. She publishes new lessons – like the nutrition lesson we can’t wait to gobble up. She also has a podcast called “I Want To Be A Doctor” which aims to inspire school-age kids and medical students alike. She even has an expertly curated list of science games, supplies, and products that filled my wish list. And one of our favorite science starts is to watch her “Quick Questions with Dr. Robin” videos on Instagram.

learn about the human body for kids

We even found a lesson on medical instruments. What a great way for kids to learn about being a doctor!

If you’re ready to experience Dr. Robin’s Human Biology classes, head on over to her website to check out her subscriptions and unit studies. I’m confident my fellow homeschool moms will join us as Dr. Robin #superfans!

I hope this review has blessed you or a friend or family member in some way!



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