Create a completely free kids typing curriculum from these websites that offer free typing lessons and typing games for kids. I’ll show you how!

Disclosure: I was compensated for my time reviewing these sites, but all opinions are mine, honest, and were not required to be positive.


free typing curriculum for kids


Type Dojo and KidzType are sister sites with free typing lessons, practices, and typing games. They do have some ads (kid friendly), but they do not obstruct usage. They offer so many activities that it can be a little confusing to navigate, but I’ve organized them to show you how to make a complete typing curriculum for kids – totally free.

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Free Typing Lessons For Kids

If you’ve ever tried to find free typing lessons for kids you’ve probably found yourself swimming in ad-ridden web pages and wading through tricky free trials – it can be very overwhelming! If you want to teach your kids to touch type but don’t want to commit to buying software, I’ll help you navigate the waters and find free typing resources that are actually free.

Let me break down these two free sites for you – TypeDojo and KidzType. There are some great typing lessons, typing tests, typing practice, and typing games on these sites, but it can be tricky to find ones that are just right for your younger kids.

That’s where I can really help you out.

My kids are currently ages 5, 8, and 10 – really the perfect ages to begin learning how to touch type. There are typing lessons on both TypeDojo and KidzType, but for younger kids we prefer the ones on TypeDojo.

You can create an account to track progress or use the site as a guest – you’ll still be able to print certificates for their Speed Typing Test with your kids’ name printed on it.

Free Typing Games

Once your kids have at least the Home Row down, they can benefit from some fun typing practice games. Hop on over to KidzType and browse their typing games. There are a lot to choose from and many of them allow you to choose home row, top row, or bottom row so you can really pick a game that correlates to what your kids are working on.

Your kids can also try their hand at (pun intended!) the Dance Mat Typing over on KidzType. As a fun note – I color coded my keyboard chart to match their dance mat colors! You can download my printable keyboard charts to color code here. 

Games are a great way to practice typing, just make sure the stress level stays low. A few of the games we liked the best for low stress were Cute Jumper, Typing Balloon, and Typing Swimmer.

Why Use TypeDojo & KidzType?

  • Completely Free

  • Ads are sparce, kid friendly, and non-obstructive

  • Lessons for all levels , from your youngest kids to your teens.

  • Variety of games with character options and level choices so your child feels more in control.

  • Can create an account on TypeDojo to track and report progress.

  • Typing tests with printable certificates give your kids something to show parents and teachers.

  • TypeDojo super specific lessons can be used to pinpoint practice time on trouble areas.

Best Links from TypeDojo & KidzType To Bookmark Right Now:

Our Experience With TypeDojo & KidzType

My girls and I had a really fun time exploring TypeDojo and KidzType for fun typing lessons and typing games. We covered every inch of each site, which is why I thought it’d be fun to put together curriculum maps for younger kids (keep scrolling to find the maps below).

On TypeDojo you have the option of creating an account which gives you a dashboard to track your progress. This let’s you keep track of the lessons your kids are doing and see how they’re improving.

One of the things we liked best was the typing test with printable certificate. My girls are just suckers for awards! We liked trying for a best score and printing the certificate to replace when they beat their score the next time.

free typing tests for kids

My daughter loved the free typing tests with printable certificates.

One of the best things about the lessons over on TypeDojo is that they start out super short and easy. All my girls loved this and really surprised me with their threshold for typing lessons. I thought for sure they’d think it was too tedious to go on but they sure proved me wrong! I think part of that is because of how short the lessons are. It leaves them wanting more.

free typing lessons for kids

The free typing lessons on TypeDojo are perfect for younger kids – short and progressive.

When it came time to explore all the kids typing games over on KidzType, we definitely found some favorites! My kids really liked the games that let them pick their character and choose a level (easy, medium, hard) or a row to work on. Some of the games were a bit harder for them because they’re all just starting out with their typing lessons, but there were plenty of fun ones they could play as beginners.

KidzType offers a lot of fun and free typing games for all levels

The free typing games over at KidzType were super fun for my younger kids.

Create An Entirely Free Kids Typing Curriculum

Because TypeDojo and KidzType have such awesome lessons and games, you can build an entire kid friendly typing curriculum for your little students! Instead of having to piece it together yourself, here are a couple of curriculum maps that take the best of both websites and put them in an order that I think would be perfect for your little beginning typists. Enjoy!

Curriculum Map For Beginners

# Activity Link
1. Watch Intro Video
2. Keyboard Printable Fill in this keyboard printable and hang where easily visible from the computer.

3. Review Posture Have your child “be the teacher” and show you how to properly sit at the computer and place your hands while typing. Try slouching and putting your hands on the wrong keys and let your child correct you.

Each new TypeDojo lesson begins at a very easy level. After your child finishes the first section, let them decide to continue or not. Allow them to progress through that lesson in increasing difficulty as long as it is fun. Then, have them color in the squares on their printable keyboards for the keys they just learned.

Optional: First register to create an account to save your child’s progress. Click here to register an account on TypeDojo.

TypeDojo typing lessons for kids.

# Activity Link
1. TypeDojo: A, ;, & Space 
2. TypeDojo: G, H, & Space 
3. KidzType: Play Cute Jumper, Home Row
# Activity Link
1. TypeDojo: Home Row Keys
2. KidzType: Play Typing Balloon Home Row
3. Challenge: Type as many words as you can make with home row letters in any word processing program
# Activity Link
1. TypeDojo: Q, P & Space
2. TypeDojo: T, Y & Space
3. KidzType: Play Typing Balloon, Top Row
# Activity Link
1. Challenge: Try to type some words using the home row and top row letters.
2. KidzType: Play Typing Sqimmer, Top Row
*Bonus Try Top Row Drill on KidzType
*Bonus Home Row Typing Test
*Bonus Top Row Typing Test
# Activity Link
1. Challenge: Try to type some words using all the letters you can type now.
2. KidzType: Play Typing Balloon, Bottom Row
3. KidzType: Play Cute Jumper, Bottom Row
# Activity Link
1. TypeDojo: Practice easy left hand words
2. TypeDojo: Practice easy right hand words
3. TypeDojo: Short Phrases
4. KidzType: Play Apple Orchard
# Activity Link
1. KidzType: Play Type Rocket
2. KidzType: Play Glider Cats
3. KidzType: Play Apple Orchard
# Activity Link
1. Take a 1 minute typing test! Try to beat your accuracy and WPM scores. Print out a certificate for your highest scores and hang on the wall or fridge. Great Job!!

Curriculum Map For Kids With Some Typing Ability

Considerations For Teaching Young Kids Touch Typing

Right now with kids having to do so much schoolwork on computers, it can be really tough if your little ones don’t know how to touch type yet. Even younger kids are expected to do work on the computer now, and that keyboard is tough to deal with when you haven’t even learned how to write properly!

Personally I believe that there’s really no school age that’s too young for kids to start learning how to touch type. Even for the youngest kids, typing involves fine motor control, letter recognition and matching skills. And kids really do need to develop this skill in our modern age! While they’re growing up on tablets and touchscreens it can be a huge shock to not be able to use a computer (which looks so similar to tablets) just because they can’t find the keys they need to type words.

All that frustration can become something they associate with subjects they’re learning. They may end up hating math simply because using their online math program was so hard with the keyboard and mouse. Eek! We can’t let that happen!

That’s why learning how to touch type is so helpful for our younger kids.

The problem is that most typing programs are designed for older kids. There are some big challenges here.

Younger kids (think, ages 5 through 12) need small lessons and lots of positive reinforcement. Jumping into a curriculum designed for older kids will have the younger ones shutting down quickly – and worse, creating a negative experience with computers and the subjects they’re learning on them.

That’s why finding those bite-sized lessons and games on and is super helpful. You can alternate these tiny lessons with fun games and work on your child’s typing skills for 10 to 15 minutes each day. In my personal opinion, that’s all it takes for kids to boost their typing skills in a big enough way to really help them succeed with online curriculum.

Once they’ve got some typing skills down, your kids’ world opens up in big ways. They can write creative stories, write emails to family members, and explore kid-safe articles and curriculum on anything they could possibly ever want to learn.

I really hope this post helps you and your kids tackle this oftentimes challenging skill. Hop on over to TypeDojo to try out some typing lessons or KidzType to play some fun typing games!

Let me know if you have any questions or if you want to share your own experiences. I’d love to read your comments below!