A printable activity for babies and toddlers to celebrate the greatest gift of Christmas!


FREE Christmas Printable For Babies & toddlers

Here’s a fun and free Christmas printable for babies and toddlers. Older kids can do their own cutting and folding while babies and toddlers can have fun just coloring.

I designed this printable to use in our church’s nursery. When it comes to teaching 2 and 3 year olds, I feel that teaching one main concept is usually the best approach. With this printable, I’m hoping to convey that there is one greatest gift at Christmas time, and that’s Jesus.

The first side of the printable. Print double sided, or print this side first, then the second page on the other side.

The second page. Note the four corners to cut out.

Cut Out the corners and fold the tabs to the inside, making a present.

Cut along the 2 dotted lines in the bow so you can tuck the bows together and close the present.

Tuck the present closed with the cuts you just made.

Now color and teach your young ones about the Greatest Gift! 🙂

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