From the moment I caught a picture of the We Choose Virtues characters in a friend’s Facebook post, I was hooked. There’s just something about the captivating faces of the VirtueVille kids that make you want to dive into character training for your little ones.


We Choose Virtues was very kind to gift me some samples of their program materials in exchange for a review on my site. I ended up buying more items because I loved it all so much! And because I’m a Super Fan, I’ve signed up for their affiliate program so my links to their site are affiliate links.

We Choose Virtues is a curriculum that teaches 12 virtues – Diligent, Helpful, Perseverant, Gentle, Content, Attentive, Honest, Kind, Self-Controlled, Patient, Obedient, and Forgiving.

Each kid of VirtueVille represents a different virtue. Their memorable names, stories, and catchphrases help kids remember each virtue and practice it throughout their day.

Why We Choose Virtues Is Perfect For A Mom Like Me

  • There are only so many times I can say “Because I Said So.” The catchphrases and Bible verses give me an instant go-to when encouraging good behavior.
  • Keeping my cool all the time is crazy hard to do. When I feel the frustration rising, turning to a VirtueVille kid for help always breaks the tension.
  • Sometimes it’s hard to relate. Some ideas are just hard to explain in a way little ones understand. The We Choose Virtues materials help kids get it.
  • I’m supposed to be a trainer, not a dictator. Having a curriculum like this one in my tool belt helps me keep the focus on training them instead of controlling them.

5 Things We Love About We Choose Virtues

  1. The artwork is adorable, relateable, and memorable. My girls remember each VirtueVille kid and the story behind their names and their virtue. They love the drawings as much as I do!
  2. The catchphrases are easy to remember, and fun to say. Whenever I want to remind my kids to be obedient, I ask them what Oboe Joe says. They immediately begin marching around reciting “OK, whatever you say, I will obey, RIGHT AWAY!”
  3. The variety of materials keeps it from getting old. With coloring pages, games, Bible stories, sticker charts, a music CD, and more – there are plenty of different ways to reinforce the ideas by varying activities..
  4. The adaptability of the program makes it exactly what you need. If you are teaching only toddlers, you can start with the “Obey, Be Kind & Be A Helper” portion. There are even materials for tweens and teens so this makes a perfect choice for a homeschooling family with multiple ages.
  5. There’s fun to be had every step of the way. We dance, we sing, we color, we play games, but most of all we always try to keep it light. We Choose Virtues is the perfect springboard to training your children with joy in your heart!

Our We Choose Virtues Routine

On the days when Mommy has her act together 🙂 we spend about 10 minutes during our morning circle time talking about the virtue we are learning.

#1: Read A Bible Story.

Using the Bible Resources download, we read one of the Bible stories and talk about how that virtue applied to the story.

#2: Memorize The Bible Verse.

I pass out a small card that has the Bible verse from the parenting card and we recite it three times. We make up hand motions to help us remember the verse. Every day that week during this time I give the kids a chance to try saying the verse from memory.

#3: Parenting Card.

Next I introduce the character and read the story about him/her. Then we recite the catch phrase at least 3 times.

#4: Coloring Page, Song, and/or Game.

On the first day of the week I put the song for that virtue on in the living room and set it on repeat while the girls color the coloring page that goes with that character. The girls don’t seem to mind listening to the song over and over and I’ve found instant success with repeating the song like this. It makes the catch phrase and concept stick in their brains. 🙂

On the back of the coloring page I have them write the catch phrase. My beginning writer traces the catchphrase that I’ve written in highlighter. Then we post the pages on the wall with the catchphrase side facing out and refer to it throughout the week.

On the other days of the week we play a game or activity from the parenting cards or from an idea I get throughout the week.

#5: Butterfly Award.

At the end of the week I have the girls recite both the catchphrase and the memory verse from memory. Then they get a butterfly award that I’ve made for them for that virtue.  We then put a star sticker on our Virtue Poster.

We used star stickers because that’s what we had on hand, but you can order butterfly stickers from WCV which would be totally fun!

My We Choose Virtues Buyer’s Guide For PK1 Kids

There are many great products available from We Choose Virtues. I liked piecing together what I thought worked best for my younger kids and here’s what I came up with:

If you don’t want to piece together your curriculum, you can purchase one of these kits:

Do you have any questions about how we use We Choose Virtues? Leave a comment and I’ll get back to you!