Simplify your

The simple lesson planner that will bring peace back into your homeschool.

easiest online homeschool planner

Planning your kids’ lessons shouldn’t make you want to rip your hair out.

Flexible Planning

easy homeschool planner download

Try the planner that allows you to focus on the fun!

  • Plan anywhere from 1 to 200 days at a time.

  • Plan 5 to 8 subjects

  • Use for unlimited students, year after year

Simple, colorful checklists for your kids to follow.

  • Print any day or week number

  • Save as a PDF for a digital version

  • Print daily, weekly, or even yearly

Kid Friendly Checklists

planner that generates daily checklists for kdis

Traditional Daily Checklists

daily checklists for kids homeschooling

Daily Subject Schedules

Printable planning pages for kids homeschooling

Weekly Homeschool Schedule

homeschool schedule templates
highest rated online homeschool lesson planner

“Nice, clear daily visual for kids to check off their work as they go through their day. Easy to use master planner sheet to quickly enter info.” -Ellen

highest rated online homeschool lesson planner

“I liked that it was easy to see and it seems like it would be easy to edit and change as time goes on. The colors were bright and cheery for the printouts and it’s handy to have days where some subjects were added.” -Kaytie

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windows compatible homeschool planner
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easiest online homeschool planner

The PK1Kids Super Simple Homeschool Planner


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homeschool planner with daily checklists