Sums To 10 eWorkbook

Download 28 Pages of Fun!

Download a 28 page printable workbook for your youngest math students to practice their sums to 10.
Students will enjoy a variety of exercises that are fun and age appropriate, including coloring, tracing, and building math facts.

Addition Facts Sums to 10 eWorkbook


Adorable Characters Your Kids Will Love.

Bouncy balls, silly monsters, and worms with hats will make your kids smile as they learn their math facts.

Character Associations Make Memorization Easy

Each sum to 10 has its own character group to help memorizing math facts easy and fun.

An Age Appropriate Introduction To Beginning Math Facts

Little ones will have fun working with their beginning math facts as they color, trace and practice their sums to 10.


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“This sums to 10 workbook is a great review to do with your kids. When I was teaching I would buy books like this to use in my classroom, and the kids would love them.”

Ticia at Adventures In Mommydom

“This video/workbook combination is GREAT for visual learners.  What a fun way to get kids interested in learning about numbers!”

Michelle at Homeschool-Your-Boys

“Teaching simple addition doesn’t have to be boring. The fun variety of illustration in this workbook keeps little ones engaged and eager to learn.”

Tiffany at Homeschool Hideout

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